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Biodistretto San Gimignano

Organic? Yes, Thank You!

Fattoria San Donato has been Organic since 2009 and we couldn’t be happier. All of our products are organic: wine, extra virgin olive oil, chickpeas, spelt, vegetables.

We believe that a healthy plant gives healthier fruits that will in turn, be healthier to eat or drink. A win for everyone really, for the plant, for nature and for us!

As our agronomist friend Ruggero Mazzilli says (, agriculture is a private activity in a public place. Even though we may be owners of the land now, the air and the waters where the poisons used in conventional farming end up affects the health and has serious consequences for everyone:  the people of today and tomorrow.


Why organic, and how?

Well it is simple. Firstly, because we believe in respecting the earth and the people around us. Further, places like ours are incredibly suitable for organic agriculture, and in the long term this choice leads to an improvement in the quality of our wine and to an exaltation of the typical and peculiar characteristics of our land. We try in every way not to bring extraneous elements to our land: instead of purchased chemical manures and fertilisers, we opt for the green manure and use the pruning to make the compost. We also try to act as mechanically as possible and participate in experimentation aimed at drastically reducing the use of copper and sulphur in agriculture.

Organic agriculture is also economically sustainable: nature helps us defend ourselves from the enemies of the vine: we save money that we would have used on systemic treatments, since the organic plant is healthier, we prevent most diseases (and thus we save “cures”), and our vines last longer. Further, we have a machine that shreds pruning and its remains to make compost and so we also save on compost. An assured success!!

What does organic mean?

Organic agriculture does not use GMOs, chemical fertilisers and above all does not use pesticides, synthetic fungicides and herbicides derived from petroleum. This helps us to obtain a healthier product of superior quality and, at the same time, it guarantees the conservation of the soil for an indefinite future. It is a model of sustainable development that helps to preserve and respect nature in its biodiversity and wealth of flora and fauna.

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