Loc. San Donato, 6
53037 San Gimisgnano (Siena), Italy
Skype: fattoria.san.donato
Phone: +39 0577 941616 / +39 0577 942281
Mobile: +39 3357258010


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Our Values

Our Values

Living in San Donato isn’t just a job, it is a lifestyle choice. It is an adventure that involves my family, land, buildings and a lot of people. It is an honour to be able to live and work here and it is a duty to respect these place and people. Every choice then implies knowledge, respect and passion.


Respect All-round

The word motto guiding my choices is RESPECT: For the land in its extraordinary originality, for the tradition and the millennial history of women, men and wine in San Donato. Respect for the grape, that when becomes wine, must express all its energies and peculiarities. Respect for people who live, work and visit San Donato, for those who drink our wine and eat our food.


Organic as our starting point

We have chosen the Organic ways because we believe in the respect of nature, of the land and everything it offers us. This is a certainly an ever-repaying choice: economically, ecologically and tastefully!


Sustainable Tourism

THANK YOU to all the guests that, by coming to San Donato, with their presence sustain our agriculture and its quality as well as the recovery and maintenance of San Donato medieval buildings.

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