Loc. San Donato, 6
53037 San Gimisgnano (Siena), Italy
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The Fenzi family in San Donato

I Fenzi

a San Donato:

amore per la terra

dal 1932



“Nonno Umberto Lenzi bought Fattoria San Donato in 1932, and gifted it to my mother Miolanne Lenzi who, married to a fellow named Arrigo Fenzi, who brought me and my brothers to San Donato as often as she could. I fell in love with San Donato since the very beginning, knowing that it was where I wanted to be. There my grandfather told me beautiful stories and thought me all about the wine, the vineyards the olives. My mother, recognising my passion, decided to realise my dream and, in 2001, she bestowed San Donato upon me, an honour of which I am immensely grateful.


Fattoria San Donato is for me an unfolding adventure of family tradition, a beautiful place passed down through generations.”


Passion is key

The passion and love for the land that I admired in Nonno Umberto, guides me today in everything I do. I am lucky enough to share this passion with my wife Federica, who has given a special and personal touch to our Agriturismo, with her energy, culture and lively personality. It is one of the greatest privileges to be able to do and be what I have always dreamed of since I was a boy; the privilege becomes even greater because I was able to follow my dream surrounded by my family.


A women's world

I strongly believe in the power of women, and it could not really be otherwise, I am surrounded by them! My wife, my three daughters, my mother-in-law made San Donato what it is today, without these wonderful women San Donato would not be the same.

Umberto Fenzi

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