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Ingredients 800 gr. of Turkey Stew 40 gr. of butter 1 onion 1 Saffron Sachet or if you have them, a few Saffron pistils 1/2 Glass of White Wine Extra-virgin Olive oil Broth pepper a little flour a pinch or two of saltPreparation In a crock, sauté the onion with butter and oil, add the turkey and then brown it. Add salt and pepper. Sprinkle with a little flour, mix it, add the wine and let it evaporate over high heat.  Then you melt the saffron in the broth

Ingredients Pici senesi (or other fresh pasta) a white onion (or even better a bunch of spring onions) some slices of rigatino (Tuscan stretched pancetta) cut into thin strips one tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil 1 pack of saffron pistils from San Gimignano salt and pepper Tuscan pecorino Preparation Heat the oil with the rigatino then add the finely sliced ​​onion. Cover and let it dry. With low heat, add salt, pepper and the saffron dissolved in a few tablespoons of hot broth. Cook the pici in boiling

You take stale slices of Tuscan bread (the one without salt), you soak them in water (preferably from the spring) and then squeeze and mix it with the basil leaves, finely chopped onions, sliced ​​tomatoes, thinly sliced ​​cucumbers, salt and pepper … and plenty of extra virgin Tuscan olive oil. Then you leave it in the fridge for a couple of hours, once you have removed it, and CAREFUL then only, add a little vinegar and few more basil leaves. The result is a delicious dish, especially perfect

Call it as you like, this is an easy, tasty and simply wonderful you can’t go wrong with. All you need is good bread, wonderful extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and salt. Toast the bread, rub some garlic on the bread, a pinch of sald and last but not least a generous round of Tuscan extra-virgin olive oil that gives it the typical bitter—ish kick. Your Bruschetta is ready!

This soup is our classic: warm, good, tasty and filling, all you in need on a cold winter evening. This soup was born out of the need of letting our guests try all our products in a traditional and typical Tuscan dish. A heart warming and delicious specialties that is sure to make everyone happy, kids, vegetarians, fitness gurus or hungry stomachs. This is a traditional gift from the Tuscan countryside where, in the past, they prepared soups with everything they had in the vegetable garden. Following that

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