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February 2016, Pope Frances flew to Cuba to meet the patriarch Kirill and on his flight he was offered a bottle of Vernaccia di San Gimignano. What an honour! And yet, it isn't the first time that Popes and Vernaccia have been brought together. As a matter of fact Vernaccia has been the wine of nobles man, ecclesiast, popes and king since the very beginning. For example Lorenzo de' Medici in 1491 tasted a wonderful vintage of Vernaccia and was so awestruck by it that he decided

BEFORE WE BEGIN: PLEASE OUR ACCOUNT WAS HACKED, WHICH IS REALLY SAD, BUT WE HAVE A NEW GREAT ONE!! SO MAKE SURE TO FOLLOW IT FOR SOME GREAT CONTENT!!!! Hello everyone and welcome to our Advent Calander Recipe series! We are beyond excited to introduce this new fantastic holiday format: every day, up till christams, we will come up with a festive recipe that will be paired with, and even cooked with, one of our wines. A great opportunity to find out a lot of Federica's secrets in

Tagliatelle al ragù can it get more classic than this? We think not so there we go. This certainly is one of those recipe that doesn't need an introduction but we'll spend some words in any case. First of all, as always, make sure you have a bottle of Chianti Colli Senesi near you at all times, it is vital for the success of the recipe: you will need it to deglaze the sauce, the pair with the finished dish and to sip while preparing it. Second of

Winter is coming, or better it's here, but don't you worry we are fully prepared and if you follow this recipe you can be too! This is one of those heartwarming soups that make all your worries and colds go away. All that you need on a cold winter evening. We strongly suggest having it in front of the fire with a glass of Chianti Colli Senesi, and that will definitely send away those winter blues. The great thing about this recipe is that you can use any

From the series Ricette del recupero from the Cucina degli avanzi: in english we can simplify it in leftover cooking. In tuscan cuisine, especially the one that has roots in the countryside tradition, nothing - and we mean NOTHING - goes to waste, same goes for San Donato. If you ever needed proof that stale bread needn’t go to waste, then you have your prove with Pappa al Pomodoro or Tuscan Bread Soup, and you can be sure, in our kitchen, no bread is getting overlooked. It

Pici, pici, pici the typical Sienese hand rolled pasta. From the appicciare: rolling it by hands, it was usually done by the women in the farm that would come all together rolling picio after picio while having a chat. This is the setting we suggest for you pici making - little tip if the chatting includes gossip the pasta gets more saucy! ;) It is such a marvellous pasta: easy to make, VEGAN - no egg is required - so you can make everyone happy, thick,

So for this episode of San Donato's recipes and cooking with one we have a special entry, who surely isn't quick but it is definitely worth the wait. Don't be deceived by the name and the appareance of this dish. The flavour, the hazelnut color, the soft consistency, which can be "broken with a breadstick", would rightfully make you think of tuna and yet it isn't. Chianti's tuna is a recipe from the Tuscan peasant tradition. In particularly hot summers, the "lattonzoli", which are suckling pigs, got easily

We all know that wine is made to be drunk, and yet at San Donato we love to cook with it; we believe it adds to our recipes that certain pizzazz that makes them especially tasty. This is why most of our Advent Calendar recipes have wine in it, which makes them all extra allure! This is one of those dishes that are perfect for the cold winter evenings, best to be enjoyed  with friends sitting by the fire while sipping a glass of Chianti Colli Senesi, preferably of

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