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53037 San Gimisgnano (Siena), Italy
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Vegetable Gardens and crops

Pick and eat from our vegetable garden 

We are lucky to have a real organic Tuscan vegetable garden, well two. We grow vegetables that are local and typical to our area, aromatic herbs like basil or sage, officinal herbs like rosemary and wild fennel and last but not least an incredible “collection” of chilli peppers. We grow our products attempting to privilege both ancient and rustic varieties in respect of biodiversity, following rigorously their seasonality.

We firmly believe that sharing is caring and therefore decided to share the healthy and nutritious product from our vegetable garden with our clients. You can pick vegetables, spices and chilies yourselves and the use them in your kitchen and during our cooking classes, to learn how to truly “live like a local”.

A special thank to Andrea, Alen and Simone that with attention and care do a wonderful job looking after our gardens.

From farm to table: spelt and ancient grains 

In San Donato in addition to our beautiful vineyards and olive trees, we have 30 hectares of  crops. Following the rotation criteria that ensure the fertility of our land, we grown spelt and ancient grains (Senatore Cappelli, Verna), barley chickpeas and other used in the sowing between our vines.

We use our grains in our kitchen, especially spelt and chickpeas for soups, salads, sides and flour for pasta and tasty focaccia. 

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