Loc. San Donato, 6
53037 San Gimisgnano (Siena), Italy
Skype: fattoria.san.donato
Phone: +39 0577 941616 / +39 0577 942281
Mobile: +39 3357258010


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Biodistretto San Gimignano

The Biodistretto

At Fattoria San Donato we are proud and loud organic producers since 2009. We believe in the need to respect nature, territory and the products of our land and we believe that organic is a good way to show it. We are fully aware that all life on earth is at risk of existintion. We then want to use our effort, our knowledge, our voice, our product and our passion to make sure that that does not happen and o respect nature at our best.

The Biodistretto of San Gimignano

Under the shadow of San Gimignano's tower and in its green countryside the biodistretto is born in order to valorise and promote a territory with a distinct vocation in the organic practice. It setsitself an effort to promoto an eco-sustainable awarness and an all-round respect for nature.


Being Organic

Our choice of becoming organic in 2009 is a gift that keeps on giving. Better for the land, better taste, better products and better nature. We simply could not be happier of this choice and we believe that nature is happier too!


The earth festival

The biodistretto also organises events and courses to share and spread the principles of farmer's agricolture, biodiversity and sustainability. Every year since 2014 we have organised the ``Earth Fesival``, 3 days of celebrating, conferences, meetings, games and a market with Tuscan organic producers in the magnificent historical centre of San Gimignano.

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