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Oil and Saffron

Oil and Saffron

San Gimignano is not just famous for the wine. In San Donato you will be lucky enough to find two other precious golden treasures of San Gimignano: the extra-virgin olive oil and the Saffron


Traditional, Tuscan and organic Olive trees

On the hills overlooking San Gimignano, near the woods, grow the Fattoria San Donato olive trees. Traditional cultivars are the protagonists: “Frantoiano”, “Moraiolo”, “Leccino” and last but not least “Pendolino”, giving life to the one and only Fattoria San Donato olive oil. The fruits of the cultivars, mature each at their own pace so that, at harvest time, a large quantity of the olive maintain the beautiful and intensely green characteristic that make Tuscan olive oil so special.


Saffron, the red gold

In San Donato we also grow the fantastic Saffron,an herb originally from Persia that found the perfect habitat in San Gimignano. San Gimignano became, in the middle ages, the centre of production and exchange of this red spice considered as precious as gold, hence the name red gold. Saffron was not only famous in the kitchen but was well known for its medicinal as well as aphrodisiac properties.

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