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Olio extravergine d'oliva

A traditional, Tuscan and organic olive tree

On the hills overlooking San Gimignano, near the woods, grow the Fattoria San Donato Olive trees.  Traditional cultivar are the protagonists: “Frantoiano”, “Moraiolo”, “Leccino” and last but not least “Pendolino”, giving life to the one and only Fattoria San Donato Extra-virgin Olive oil .

Each of the fruits of the cultivar mature at their own pace so that, at harvest time, a large quantity of the olives maintain the beautiful and intense green characteristic of Tuscan olive oil.


Harvest usually takes place in November: the period of the year where the plants have not got necessarily the maximum quantity of “collectable oil” but rather the best quality. At Fattoria San Donato we always choose quality over quantity, it is always worth it.

We then end up, ready for the Christmas dinner table, with a wonderfully green olive oil, strong and fruity flavour with subtle undertones of artichokes and green leaves.

A traditional cultivation system:

We prune our tree annually in order to regulate the growth of the branches and therefore the growth of the plant. The pruning of the trees also allows for the perfect lighting of the tree, helping in its growth and in the maturation of its fruits, ultimately creating the right bases for an excellent olive oil. Soil fertilisations occur avoiding inorganic fertilisers and preferring techniques that better respond to the “organic” production regulations such as green manure and leaf fertilisation.

From our part, we surround our plants and their fruits with all the care they need to end up with the most excellent quality of olive oil (harvested by hand relatively early, adequately stored and milling within 24-36 hours of harvesting in continuous mills, where it does not exceed the temperature of 27 ° C).

olio extravergine di oliva san donato
olio extravergine d'oliva san donato
olio extravergine di oliva san donato
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