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Vines and Cellars

Between tradition and innovation, maintaing a strong bond with our territory.

San Donato has been a place of vineyards and olive garden for over 2500 years. As far back as Etruscans, their population loved and produced wine, until today, these land has brought on the tradition, a millenary host of vineyards. It is the land itself and the microclimate that deserve the merit. The land is, in fact, composed Pliocene sands, fossil stones and shells that give the vine precious minerals, excellent drainage and all the right nutrients.

Thanks to the altitude of 400 metres above the sea level and to our Mediterranean woods that refreshes the air at night, our vines enjoy a gentle breeze and dry air that ensures the best growth and keeps the diseases away. The south-south west exposure of the vineyard also helps, favouring the correct irradiation and an even maturation of the grapes.

Vines and cellars

In the vines

We are aware, incredibly thankful and enthusiastic of these lucky conditions. From our part, we help our vines following the rules of organic method as well as a precision agriculture that respects, knows and helps every single plant. We sow different varieties of seeds (clover, mustard barley ...) and keep the grass between the rows growing just enough to help the vines obtain the necessary nutrients for a harmonious growth. We fertilise only with compost we obtain from our shoots, we then let it mature for a long time. In this way we give back to the earth what we have received and we do not change the characteristics of this extraordinary land. Every agricultural activity in our vineyards is geared to guaranteeing the best possible conditions; the vines then repay us with magnificent, ripen grapes, rich in aromas and flavours.

Vines and Cellars

The Grapes

Vernaccia and Sangiovese: the Queen and King of our territories. They have been rightfully selected over the centuries by the winemakers who preceded us. Here in San Donato are “at home”, the best place for them to prosper. Ciliegiolo, Colorino and Malvasia and, to a lesser extent, Merlot, Vermentino and Syrah accompany them, as they traditionally do, maturing late but with incredibly happy results.

Vines and Cellars

In the Cellars

Thankful for our wonderful grapes, we commit, when in the cellar, to maintain in the wine all the taste of the grapes and nothing more. We try our best to turn our grapes into excellent wine, as they deserve. Thanks to modern and advanced technologies (pneumatic presses, blast chillers etc.), a careful but moderate use of the best French barriques and the wise and vital help from our team, we are able to obtain fantastic wines with elegant character that reflect our territory and work, and that maintain all the aromas, flavours and peculiarities of the grapes.

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