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If you love nuts, dried fruit and chestnuts then this is the recipe for you. Easy and fast to make, castagnaccio does require the best ingredients to ensure a truly successful dessert. A rustic cake with an history, prepared by poorer Tuscan families since the 1500, it's the autumnal Tuscan dessert par excellence, perfect for breakfast, merenda or after lunch or dinner treat! Of course, as with every traditional tuscan dish, every family has a different recipe with slight variation - or not so slight considering they can

Fire it up!  This is genuinely one of the most appreciated dishes in San Donato, where savoury and sweet meet in a deliciously juicy dish.  It is also one of those spectacular recipes that are worth the open kitchen show in the middle of a fancy restaurant and yet they are so easy to make you might not believe. All you need is good sausages and our Vin Santo. Maximum effect and minimum effort! INGREDIENTS 4 sausages Bay leaves q.b.Extra virgin olive oil q.b.1 cup Vinsanto On a very hot pan drizzle a

How to pair Vernaccia di San Gimignano Benedetta and Chianti Colli Senesi selection Fiamma. We all know cheese and wine are simply a match made in heaven and yet that does not mean that one could pair any cheese with any wine. Here is where we come along to the rescue with a simple guide that will help us pair our wonderful Fattoria San Donato with the best cheeses. This is the first episode, where you will be lucky enough to meet the wines dedicated to two

Think of a golden, savoury, velvety coat for your turkey and then think of pairing it with the wonderful Vernaccia di San Gimignano, selection Angelica.  If your mouth’s already watering, no worries, because so is ours, since today we are preparing a San Donato classic: Tacchino allo zafferano! A recipe that allows us to use all 3 of the San Gimignano Golds: Vernaccia, Saffron and Extra Virgin olive oil.  San Gimignano is not only famous for its towers, its crisp white wine and extra virgin olive oil, it is also

The 2022 vintage at Fattoria San Donato "This 2022 in Fattoria San Donato kept us on our tiptoes for the entire year and yet it gifted us with what appears to be a truly excellent vintage."— Andrea Lo Presti, Cellar Master Now that we have gotten to the end of the 2022 harvest, it’s time to for us to sum up what this 2022 vintage was like for us! WINTER As soon as last year’s harvest (2021) was done, in October, we immediately started preparing the soil and looking after

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