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Saffron, the red gold

Saffron in the past

Saffron is an herb originally from Persia that found the perfect habitat in San Gimignano. San Gimignano became, in the middle ages, the centre of production and exchange of this red spice considered as precious as gold, hence the name the red gold. Saffron was not only famous in the kitchen but was well known for its medicinal as well as aphrodisiac properties.

People considered saffron a real joy-dispenser, so much that they used to ask to people cheerfully laughing whether they had slept on a Saffron pillow.

Still today in Tuscany, a saffron stem is sewn in the bride’s gown as wish for a joyful life.

Saffron today

The production of saffron stopped for centuries. In 1996, together with a group of farmers, we brought the crocuses back to San Gimignano, a happy match with our Vernaccia.

The bulbs blossom in autumn and are grown naturally. The delicate flower are picked in the morning, while still closed, and then the three red filaments are separated from the flower. The filaments are later dried with a fire made with Leccio wood at maximum temperature of 40° and then confectioned: from 120-140 crocus one obtains a single gram of saffron.

A precious ally in the kitchen

San Gimignano Saffron contains antioxidants, vitamins and natural aromas that allow for a better digestion and reactivation of our metabolism. Together with its properties and wonderful flavours, the red gold is a champion in the kitchen.

It finds a perfect fit with different pasta sauces breads, meat as well as the incredibly famous risotto: the most famous Italian chefs also use it to prepare innovative and delicious desserts and ice creams.

Use: We advise you to soak the stems in a warm liquid (broth, milk or water) at least half an hour before you are planning to use them, and then add them at the end, together with the liquid, so to preserve the fragrance and aromas at its fullest.

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