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A year in the vine

The 2022 vintage at Fattoria San Donato

A year in the vine

The 2022 vintage at Fattoria San Donato

“This 2022 in Fattoria San Donato kept us on our tiptoes for the entire year and yet it gifted us with what appears to be a truly excellent vintage.”

— Andrea Lo Presti, Cellar Master

Now that we have gotten to the end of the 2022 harvest, it’s time to for us to sum up what this 2022 vintage was like for us!


As soon as last year’s harvest (2021) was done, in October, we immediately started preparing the soil and looking after the plots that needed us the most so we began by spreading our compost on the leanest areas. 

We then sowed our green manure legumes, particularly clover, ryegrass or barley. Once the manure was sown, we patiently waited for the winter cold of January and February, which was pungent and yet not too humid due to the scarcity of rains. 

The winter is the ideal time to prune the plants, guaranteeing a perfect and homogenous budding in spring. 


The budding of our wines began at the end of March up to the first 10 days of April.

The 2022 spring was slightly colder than usual and the drought, given by one of the least rainy winters of the last 60 years, has slowed down the progression of our buds. However, their budding exploded with vigour at the beginning of May, growing at an incredibly fast pace. 

At the beginning of June our plants reached the complete flowering to which followed a fairly regular fruit set and veraison.


This year’s summer has been particularly hot and dry and only thanks to mid-August’s rains were we able to reach the perfect, albeit early, ripening of our grapes. 

We began the harvest the 24th of August beginning from the Chardonnay and Vernaccia grapes for the Spumante base. On the 31st of August we then proceed with Sangiovese, Ciliegiolo and Syrah for our Rosato Donna Miolanne. 

Beginning from the 7th of September we harvest our Vernaccia in 2 stages to select which grapes to leave on the vines for a later harvest at the end of September destined to become Riserva Benedetta and selection Angelica, that will age both in wood and cement. 


Once the Vernaccia was harvested we picked the Sangiovese for the Chianti Colli Senesi wines, followed by the Syrah, Sangiovese and lastly Merlot for our San Gimignano DOC single grape variety Arrigo wines. 

The harvest ended on the 3rd of October.

Now that our work in the vines for 2022 has finished we can now reflect on what this vintage has been and what it will be so that we can tend to our work in the cellar and to the work in the vineyard for next year’s vintage.

It has been a year that has held us until the very last minute with a bated breath and on our tiptoes.

Thankfully though, the rain of mid August really do allows us to say that this 2022 vintage will surely be an excellent one!

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